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Do you want to enhance your next massage but aren't sure how? Click here to learn about the rejuvenating benefits of CBD massage oil. 12 Jun 2019 We spoke with several established massage product companies' representatives about the CBD massage products trend and safe application  9 May 2019 Spas are promoting the benefits of CBD, but experts say the trend is taking off faster than science can keep up. 17 Dec 2018 If you're dealing with pain, inflammation, or anxiety, adding hemp extracted CBD oil to your massage can make all the difference. 23 May 2019 CBD skin oils, creams, and lotions are attracting people looking for targeted treatments, especially for pain and inflammation. But do they work?

A therapeutic CBD massage from New Beauty & Wellness provides an individually tailored treatment, specifically designed to quiet the mind and relax the body 

CBD Massage Oil Cannabios ~ Organic hemp body care and massage X-oil nourishes, soothes, and protects the skin, reduces irritation. Ingredients Olea 

8 oz 100 mg CBD Directions for use: Recommended for all-over use. Contains ingredients known to help prevent and relieve muscle pain, muscle soreness, 

20 Jan 2019 If you think you are seeing CBD everywhere, including the lattes at your neighborhood coffee shop, you are not hallucinating. Add CBD oil to any massage therapy service at Body Aware Massage. It includes a powerful blend of cannabis, comfrey, arnica, and St.John's wort. Veritas Farms full spectrum CBD Massage Oil was developed to provide all of the rich components of hemp oil and a soothing wellness sensation. We utilize an aromatic CBD massage cream, blended with eight other pain-relieving herbs, to induce therapeutic healing and relaxation. We are proud to be Athens first CBD friendly spa! Give your regular massage session a big boost by adding on any of our CBD oil treatments below. Head over 

Try the $69 pulse (a $200 value) for a 60 Minute CBD Massage or further your self-care time with the $89 pulse (a $250 value) for a 90 Minute CBD Massage.

Soothe your aching joints and muscles with 1000mg CBD + Arnica + Menthol in this Luxurious Massage Lotion. The only CBD Massage in town. Come experience this deeply healing therapeutic treatment at Massage Works Los Gatos. Soak away aches and anxieties with CBD hydrotherapy baths. A HYDROtherapy bath + CBD bath bomb + CBD oil massage = “the BOMB” of an experience