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15 Cannabis Strains High In Cannabidiol (CBD) – The Chill Bud High CBD Indica Strains CBD Shark. An indica dominant strain with very similar THC to CBD ratios. Users report a very mild cerebral high with potent pain relieving qualities. A great strain for medical patients who don’t want to be overly ‘stoned’. Afghani CBD. Descending from the Afghani Indica landrace strains, Afghani CBD is a potent 5 Best High CBD / Low THC Marijuana Strains This world-famous strain is indica dominant (60%) and was the focus of a bid to legalize high CBD strains. It has a CBD content as high as 20%. Oil made from Charlotte’s Web is extremely low in THC, which means it can be sold nationwide. Obviously, there is no ‘high’ associated with this strain, and it provides users with no cerebral effect.

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“High CBDs have great medical benefits as long as there is a ratio of THC. High CBD strains work awesome on the immune system and large muscle spasms as well as nerve-ending pain whereas THC is more of a central nervous system and smooth muscle medication. Certain types of rare seizures have also been known to be controlled with high CBDs.

Looking for a high-CBD cannabis strain? Use this guide to help you figure out which high-CBD strains are currently circulating the market!

We are deeply concerned to see that at least one company is now advertising some CBD products as derived from indica cannabis grown in the Netherlands. This is unlawful. The only cannabis strains that may be grown as industrial hemp and therefore used to produce exempt products are on the EU approved list. There are no indica strains. CBD-reiche Cannabis Sorten - Canna-Seed Bona Dea CBD ist ein neuer mostly Indica Strain von Vision Seeds, der einen äusserst hohen CBD Gehalt aufweist und somit zu den exzellenten medizinischen Sorten gehört. Bona Dea CBD plus is a new mostly Indica strain of Vision Seeds, which has an extremely high CBD content and therefore has very high medical benefits. Top 5 Low THC Strains - RQS Blog

For example, CBD Crew's Shark Shock Feminized has an unheard of 6% CBD, but the THC is also 6% - something most modern stoners wouldn't even consider. High CBD strains are a godsend if you suffer from just about anything MMJ typically helps with. They won't blow your mind, but that's kind of the point. In fact, the

27 Jul 2018 I was 30 years old, and it was the last time I got high. indica makes you calm, sativa peps you up); THC and CBD (the former is psychoactive, of pot) selling cannabis pastilles made with organic ingredients and rose-gold